Generosity and Ministry

We’ve been talking about the fact that there are different currencies of generosity, and the currency we now get to is a very important one. It’s a non-financial currency, but it is a way for you to give value to other people.

Every believer should be not just a ministry consumer coming to get your needs met–but a ministry provider. You’re here to serve. But where does that come from–a generosity that’s so deep that it’s pervasive in every currency of life, in every area of life?

Generosity of service means we give away ourselves to other people, but it’s based on generosity of discipleship. We won’t give ourselves away to other people unless we’ve first given ourselves away to Christ. So let’s see the generosity of service, the generosity of discipleship, and then finally the generosity of costly grace.

This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on October 21, 2012. Series "Generosity: Studies from the Gospel of Luke". Scripture: Luke 9:49 -10:2.

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