Praying Our Doubts

Psalms are not about so much lofty, high doctrine as they are about how the human heart works, particularly human feelings. The anger, fear, hostility, rawness, and white heat of emotions expressed in the psalms really just disturb people today. We will see that psalms are neither mere rational discussions of feelings or just expressions of feelings. The psalms do not deny feelings, and they don’t vent feelings. The Psalms show us how to pray our feelings.

In Psalm 73, we’re going to look at a person struggling with doubt. We see a person filled with many types of doubts — someone struggling with doubts about God and about faith. Doubt is a condition of the soul and the heart. Let’s look at what the condition is, what the cause is, and what the cure is.

This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on February 20, 2000. Series "Psalms - The Songs of Jesus". Scripture: Psalm 73:1-3; 12-26.

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