Praying the Gospel

What we’re now looking at is a psalm about how to handle life in general. It in a sense gives you the key approach to handle all of life’s circumstances, no matter what they are. The principle is applied in different ways to despondency and fear and anxiety, all of the things we’ve been looking at, but in here what you actually have is David laying out the basic key to dealing with all conditions, all circumstances of life, any situation. It’s the basic way to handle the problems of life. That’s what this psalm is about.

David is calling for something far deeper than mental recall, and he’s dealing with something far more transforming than just counting your blessings. He’s not just saying, “Oh, count your blessings.” It’s something else. What is it? Remember. What is that? We’re going to learn here why we need to remember, where we need to remember, what we need to remember, and how we need to remember. This is the key to handling life.

This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on March 19, 2000. Series "Psalms - The Songs of Jesus". Scripture: Psalm 103:1-22.

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