The Call to Discipleship

In chapter 9 of Luke, Peter comes to realize, with the help of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus is not one more in a row of prophets and teachers and sages. He says, “You are the Christ of God. You are the Messiah. You are the one who is bringing the kingdom of God, the ruling, healing, power of God, come back into the world.”

What’s interesting is the minute his identity is revealed, he immediately begins to say, “Follow me.” Chapters 1 to 8 are all about, “Who is Jesus?” but we’re going to find chapters 9 through 18 are all about, “If he is this, what does it mean to follow him? If he is who he says he is, what does that make us? If he is that, what does it mean to follow him?” The word follow is the key word for the next nine chapters, and this chapter lays out the basics of it.

This chapter tells us what it means to be a disciple, in the most basic way. That’s what the whole passage is about, and there are three sections we’ve taken out of this chapter, three basic principles that will help us understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It means setting a new priority, it means finding a new identity, and it means living a new mercy. All three are critical, and they all fit together.

This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on February 9, 2003. Series "The Meaning of Jesus Part 1; Understanding Him". Scripture: Luke 9:20-25; 51-62.

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