Your Plans; God’s Plans

When you see the word guidance, most of the time in the Hebrew Bible it comes from a word for rope. It’s derived from the word for rope because ropes were the method of navigation for sailors in those days. You would use ropes to lower the sails when the wind was in your favor or to move the sails when the wind changed or to raise the sails and tie them up when a storm came up. Otherwise, you would be blown totally off course, so ropes were ways of navigating.

The question is … How do you get God’s guidance? How do you get God’s navigation, so when you have all these choices, you know the right course to take? How does that happen? We’ll find out by looking at these proverbs and understanding, first of all, the guidance God does; secondly, the guidance God gives; and thirdly, the guidance God purchases for us.

This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on December 12, 2004. Series "Proverbs: True Wisdom for Living". Scripture: Proverbs 11:3; 12:5,15; 15:22; 16:1-4,9,25,33; 21:5; 27:1.

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